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The Annotator

Highlight text to annotate
View annotations by moving your mouse over highlights

The Annotator is a Javascript tool that can be added to any webpage to allow annotation. Annotations can have tags, Markdown content, per-annotation permissions and more. See a live demonstration or learn more in the developers section below.

The Bookmarklet

Add the annotator to any page with the bookmarklet
Save annotations to AnnotateIt

The bookmarklet allows you to add Annotator to any web page and save your annotations to AnnotateIt. Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar now and then sign up for an account:



Allowing our users to annotate your webpage is easy. First you'll need to download the source code (or you can use our hosted version) and include it on your page along with jQuery. Then simply add the following lines to load the Annotator, allowing users with AnnotateIt accounts to start annotating immediately:


For full details, see the Getting Started page on the Annotator wiki.

If you want more control, or you don't want your users (who might already have accounts on your website) to need accounts here at AnnotateIt, we provide support for delegated authentication: you control who gets to annotate, and AnnotateIt will store annotations for you and your users.

Setting up delegated authentication is a little more involved, and you should go see the documentation for the full details. That said, once you've set up your token generator (see the docs) the code is still pretty simple:

             .annotator('setupPlugins', {
               tokenUrl: ''